The Heart of Psychology


Dr. Howard Paul, co-author of The Heart of Psychology – Unraveling the Mysteries of the Mind, has entrusted us with the task of helping gain following for his very entertaining and informative book. The book is written with the average person in mind, making sense of many of the issues we all deal with on a day to day basis. As Dr. Paul puts it: “It’s like getting 40 years of clinical wisdom and experience¬† for much less than the cost of one session with a therapist.”

Dr. Paul co-authored the book with Dr. Eduardo Chapunoff, a renowned Cardiologist, and throughout the book the two discuss the heart/mind connection, a fascinating link between how our thoughts affect our health.

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Be sure to pay a visit to the website for “The Heart of Psychology” and buy the book – we guarantee it will be the best $29 you’ll spend this week!

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