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I have been given a wonderful opportunity to help Debbie Nadon of Kennel Komforts, owner and creator of the best dog diapers out there, to increase exposure for her website and products.

Debbie and her partner, Scott, contacted me for help in increasing their market share and promoting their top quality, made in the USA dog products. Kennel Komforts male dog belly bands and female dog diapers have long been a favorite among dog breeders and owners, having been on the market for more than 14 years.  The company has a very loyal following – mainly because the products work very well.

After helping Debbie and Scott transfer their site to a much more “Google-friendly” contact management system, we’ll be working on creative ideas to involve and engage both new and existing customers alike, including lots of social media activity, contests, an affiliates program and more.

We’re looking forward to working with Kennel Komforts and watching their business grow in response to our marketing efforts.

And, if you, like many pet owners, are having issues with “leaky dog syndrome”, be sure to head on over to Kennel Komforts and order some of their really effective dog diapers and dog belly wraps. Be sure to sign up for their new affiliates program, too!

To contact Kennel Komforts:


Ph: (406) 889-3805


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